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Ahyoung Baek

Co-Owner / Chef 

​​From Korea, to Australia, and now in Canada, Ahyoung is the Head Chef and co-owner of Pasta Polo. She is also a mother to two young ones (how does she do it all?!).  She had dreams to own a restaurant for as long as she could remember, and with the support of her husband, her dreams came true! She started working at Pasta Polo 3 years ago with a front-of-house role, and now knows the restaurant like the back of her hand. Ahyoung loves to create healthy and fresh foods that she would be proud of serving to her own family. Nutritious, delicious, fresh, house-made meals are what she strives for in that busy kitchen!

Pasta Polo was founded by the brothers Fred and Farrokh Soofi. The goal was to bring to the Tri-Cities a healthy and original cuisine.

"I had over 30 years of cooking and hospitality experience when I moved to the Tri-Cities from Saskatchewan with my brother Farrokh. Pasta Polo is the 12th restaurant we've opened. We were determined to bring healthy, orginal cuisine to the Tri-Cities and we wanted to offer fresh, in house made pasta from organic durum wheat. It only seemed fitting that we would use durum from Saskatchewan, the best producer in the world.

Farrokh and I created a casual restaurant with a relaxed feel and a diverse menu at reasonable prices so that it could be affordable and enjoyed by the whole family. I wanted my restaurant to be a good neighbour and develop a personal relationship with the community. I have been so fortunate to have co-workers who are as passionate as I am towards food, service and community"

- Fred Soofi

Sylvie Sutherland


​Originally from Hull, Quebec, Sylvie has garnered over 30 years of customer service experience from a variety of roles. She has warmed the hearts of guests from the general public, the government, and international dignitaries. She is always one step ahead when it comes to excellent service and her attention to detail is Pasta Polo’s greatest asset. She brings out the best in her staff to produce a memorable dining experience for guests.

Aside from managerial duties, Sylvie fits right into the team. Eight groups of people just walked in and there’s only 2 servers on the floor with full sections? No problem, Sylvie’s got it covered!

The Team

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